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Have you ever heard why people celebrated black history month?

The story of black history month begins in 1915 after the 13th amendment which abolished slavery in the US.

Carter G. Woodson founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASNLH) which focuses on promoting Black Americans and other people of African Descent achievements. This celebration was also known as "Negro History Week" but is now a whole month celebration dedicated to recognizing the significance and accomplishments of black people around the world.

Did you know who designed the iconic Playboy bunny costume?

It is Zelda Barbour Wynn Valdes; she was the first remarkable African American fashion designer and the first black-owned business to open her shop on Broadway in New York City in 1948. Valdes was the eldest of seven children and was raised in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

She learned sewing at a young age by watching her grandmother's seamstress and even offered to create a dress for her. Later on, Valdes appeared on the American fashion scene in 1930 and rose a distinction as a designer due to her phenomenal skills which highlight the female body; she designed 82 productions for the dance theatre of Harlem.

She could fit a dress of any body size just by looking at her client. Zelda Wynn made her entire career helping women embrace their beauty and justified the curves of black women.


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