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Essentials for the season by DCD Approach

Wondering how to stay safe be social and live the remote life, and still be stylish?

Be good to your skin

How can we hydrate our skin? We should be using water based creams, products that penetrate through your skin. Key ingredients to look for hyaluronic acid, glycerin,ceramides. We all love our hot long showers, but we must limit those since it drys out the skin. Number 1 Sunscreen. Protect your skin.

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Comfy Cozy Chic

Even though you are more indoors now doesn't mean you can't be chic and stylish. You can have comfy that still gets you compliments.

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Makeup for Summer

Since you are masked up these days concentrating on the eyes would be the feature to enhance. Curl your lashes and layer mascara take clean wand to come through. You can try bright eyeshadow colors for alittle fun and pop. You can use your fingers to blend out the edges for more control. Using a cream product you can multipurpose as cheek product, lip stain and add gloss over it

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