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How To Glam Up Your Look For The Holidays

Holiday season is here and we need to be prepared. Parties with friends or family gatherings, call for something different than the simple daily look. Clothes, need a glamorous twist for the upcoming season.

With Christmas being around the corner, we have to search for the perfect outfits. Fortunately, this time of the year is the most appropriate for glitter and sparkly details. A great option to make you feel super glamorous is a statement dress like this from DCD Boutique. If you want to look stylish, but not reveal too much, you can go for a gorgeous pair of trousers like this. Finally, consider a velvet dress like this, which is one of the best trends of this season.

They are all amazing! Which one is your favorite?

Latest Makeup Trends

As the temperatures drop, the layers of clothing we’re wearing are getting more and more. Less skin is showing off, making the face to be the center of attention during winter months.

Well, what’s better than incorporating all the latest makeup trends in our routine, and try new looks?

So, let’s jump on the hottest trends for this season.

Glitter Lips

As seen on many celebrities, glitter lips for a night out or a party, will surely make you stand out.

Golden Details

Glowy skin with light gold highlighter on the cheekbones, or as a light wash on the lids is the way to go, if you’re a fan of minimal makeup.

Blue Smoky Eyes

Blue smokey eyes in a cat-eye shape, make a strong statement this season. Perfect for parties.

If you want to try all these amazing looks and many many more depending on your mood, DCD Approach’s experts are here for you, to make you feel special as never before. What are you waiting for?

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