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Our Story

Dream, Create, and Design

In the winter of 2004 Christine Spence and Diane McBean made one of the best decisions of their lives; they moved to Toronto, Ontario from Montreal, Quebec to pursue a dream.  Both single mothers struggling to make ends meet never gave up on their dream of having stake within the fashion and beauty industry.  Having no real support; making the move was a big leap of faith. Friends since the age of 14, Christine and Diane had the flair for beauty and fashion. In their younger years they were recognized for creating signature looks for themselves. As the years passed the duo were sought after to coordinate fashion shows for local designers to show case their work. Christine specializing in make-up application and Diane in fashion styling and consulting made them a well sought after duo for their panache in turning an individuals dream into a creative design.

Today, Christine and Diane are working with both men and woman in various industries to create signature looks.  They work with esteemed clients within law practices, authors and models that have graced film, movies and television. They also consult with individuals that work within the community and want to maintain a look of confidence, depth and intensity while radiating a sense of fashion forwardness. Their work is recognized in print and online publications. When asked what drives them?

They shared, The Goal is to make everyone feel confident and beautiful, recognizing that we all have a voice in fashion-you dream it. We create and design it.”  This is what you can expect from DCD Approach!

Meet the DCD Ladies



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Christine is the Makeup Artist at DCD Approach, she enhances facial aesthetics through makeup, and creates custom looks for clients. She is a social butterfly, and when not working, you can catch her in her bathroom dancing like a wild person. 

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Diane is the Fashion/Wardrobe Stylist at DCD Approach whose job is to input killer fashion pieces that transform inner "top model looks." Her goal is to create fashionable styles that exude confidence and poise. When she's not in her "stylist mode", she is passionate about helping individuals build their financial wealth through homeownership and financial literacy. And if not working, you can catch her watching her favorite reality TV show while enjoying her snacks.

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Denise is the hairstylist at DCD Approach, she is passionate about enhancing people's confidence by doing their hair in various styles which adds up to her client's signature looks on different occasions. Denise is also  a health junkie who loves singing.

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